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  • MEC 104: Practical Science of Things

    Undergraduate 3 credits


    A practical introduction to the science and engineering of objects and phenomena in everyday life. The basic principles that underlie the operation common to modern devices such as rollercoasters, balloons, vacuum cleaners, airplanes, bicycles, thermostats, air conditioners and automobiles are developed by investigating how they work. The scientific method, engineering design methodology, safety, and environmental impacts are discussed in the context of these practical applications.

    Session Class # Section Instructor Days Time Campus Enrollment Status
    Winter116630Thomas RosatiFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Open
  • MEC 203: Eng Graphics and CAD

    Undergraduate 3 credits

    Introduces engineering graphics and its role in design process. Includes the principles of engineering drawing and sketching for mechanical design, the use of computer graphics and solid modeling in design representation of 3D objects, assembly and simulation as well as ASME standards on geometric dimensioning and tolerances. Includes hands-on experience in the use of CAD software packages for engineering design. Engineering ethics.

    Session Class # Section Instructor Days Time Campus Enrollment Status
    Winter116830Qian YeFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Open
  • MEC 280: Pollution and Human Health

    Undergraduate 3 credits


    An examination of major environmental pollution problems such electromagnetic radiation, ozone layer depletion, and global warming, with a specific focus on the resulting effects on human health. Assessment of health risks in relation to the formulation of environmental and workplace regulations is also considered.

    Session Class # Section Instructor Days Time Campus Enrollment Status
    Winter116930Jay MendelsonFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Open
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