How our safety training program is developed

As our research equipment and techniques evolve, so must our consideration of safety in the laboratory. Hence, new materials will be developed by the Lab directors on an ongoing basis, responding to the needs presented by new research programs and equipment acquisition. It is also the responsibility of both graduate and undergraduate research assistants in the Lab to point out safety needs and also to maintain a generally safe environment.

Maintaining a safe environment

Maintaining a safe environment is basically a matter of common sense. Certain rules need to be followed, no matter which room or facility we are considering:

  • Keep floor clear of wires or tripping hazards.
  • All gas tanks must be secured/strapped.
  • Properly store and label chemicals.
  • No food, coffee, etc. in working areas, near equipment and not at all in 113!
  • Clean up any sample preparation or working areas at the end of the day.
  • Any work with radioactives falls under the rules outlined in the Radiation Safety Logbook and training folder in 113. For some guidelines on working with radioactive materials, please see Department of Environmental Health and Safety Radiation Safety Guide
  • If you have any questions, please ask before proceeding. Ask a student who has been around the lab longer or ask one of the Lab directors.
  • Lock the door if their is No one in the Lab. Do not leave an untrained person by themselves in the Lab!!!

Safety Training (as of 11/05)

Current saftey training for our facilities and those students associated with them requires the following:

  • 1. Departmental safety training -- see details onMaterials Science Department Lab Safety page
  • 2. Hazardous Waste Training-- see details onEnvironmental Health and Safety page
  • 3. NSLS safety training (if you are going to work on the Light Source)
  • 4. Lab Specific Safety training -- this will be covered by Dr. Halada, so please set up an appointment with him to go over the details.
  • Annual refresher training (for the Department and Lab items (1 and 3) listed above)

Note: If you do not have items 1 and 4, minimally, you should NOT be working in the Lab!!!

How this works:

When know you are going to work in the Lab or join the research group, you should notify Dr. Quinn because you will need to get a film badge, as there is X-ray generating equipment in 307/309 and radioactive materials in 113. You should sign up for the Department Lab safety training seminar, as well as the next Hazardous Waste Training seminar and Radiation training seminar held by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Please make an appointment with Dr. Halada to discuss safety training specific to your work and the equipment you might use.

Thank you for doing your part to ensure the safety of everyone working in the Laboratory!

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