News and happenings at the VESCA Research Group




2006:  ESM 555 Synchrotron Techniques in Materials Science

This picture shows the group of students attending the seminar on Synchrotron Techniques taught by Prof. Gary Halada at BNL.



Congratulations to Donald Roeper for his successful thesis dissertation. Best wishes from everybody in the lab.



Don Roeper working at U2B at the NSLS.

Don is using the FTIR system hooked up to the infrared beam facilites at the U2B beamline at Brookhaven National Laboratories.




Prof. Gary Halada discussing uranium decontamination research with fellow BNL researchers.



2005 Main graduation ceremony Dev Chidambaram hooded by co-advisor Prof. Gary Halada


2005 American Chemical Society meeting, Washington D.C. From left to right: Dr. Marvin Vazquez, Prof. Gary Halada and Dr. Dev Chidambaram.