Welcome to the Surface Analysis Lab

Current and previous students of our labs come from such diverse places as South America and Asia. Also, the research topics that our students have undertaken are as varied as their country of birth. For instance, there is been work done on enviromental remidiation, surface coatings for all-weather conditions and hazardous materials surface sealing. Currently we are doing work on optical applications and lattice engineering of amorphous silicon and uranium surface coatings.

Current Members


  • Charlotte Eng

Graduate Students

  • Don Roeper
  • Samrat Chawda
  • Jose Mawyin
  • Chris Young
  • Kasia Sawicka
  • Prashant Jha

Visiting Students

  • Stephanie

Previous Students

  • Lionel Keene
  • Dev Chidambaram
  • Marvin Vasquez
  • Tom Fiero

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Materials Science Department December-2005