Higher Education and Development for Archaeology and Environmental Health Research
SUNY at Stony Brook

Monthly Report: August 2004

Objective 1: Administration

  • SBU announced several Campus Communications outreach efforts on behalf of SBU's USAID-Iraq program, including:

Official Launch of the SBU USAID-Iraq Program website.

SBU - HEAD Environmental Health Project Website online

Science Coalition Feature Story.

Featured on SBU's home page and all-campus Monday Memo.

Website updates are announced on the Iraq Crisis Network listserv.

Objective 2: Archaeology Project

  • Assistant Director J. R. Pournelle traveled to Baghdad 27 July-16 August, inspected status of work, met with and briefed new USAID HEAD program officers, conducted a 100% review and reconciliation of outstanding invoices with general contractors, and ensured commencement of work at Mosul University.
  • Pournelle also created a publicly available PowerPoint show of the first six months of project progress at: http://www.stonybrook.edu/usaidhead/SUNYHEADProgress/SUNYHEADProgress.pps.

2.1.2 Activity: Refit Department Libraries

(L) Librarianís workstation at Baghdad University department of Archaeology. (R) Baghdad U. Dept of Archaeology Chair, at new library training lab.

2.2 Activity: Equipment and Facilities Rehabilitation to Support Instruction

IT engineers install a VSAT for internet and telephone connections on the roof of Baghdad Universityís Department of Archaeology, connecting routers and a PBX manage the new internet network and telephone system.

2.3 Activity: Instruction in Iraq; Task A: Summer Workshops

4.5.1 Activity: Library, Archaeology; Task B: Purchase and Ship Books

Objective 3: Environmental Health Project

3.1.1.B Task: Establish three national Environmental Health Educational & Resource Centers

Pictures showing ongoing preparations at the Baghdad EHERC.

3.4.4 Training of Environmental Health Specialists in Iraq

3.4.5 Delivery of Environmental Lab equipment.

3.4.7 Mini grants

4.1 Information and Communication Tools

4.5 Library Resource Development

Additional Activities

Drs. S. Marqus and W. Hailoo with Dr. Alaa Alwan, Iraqi Minister of Health (Center).

         The Long Island Business News, a prominent Long Island, N.Y. publication, printed a front page article titled ďRoad to RecoveryĒ featuring Dr. Hailoo and described the SBU/USAID, Environmental Health Project in Iraq to help with the reconstruction efforts. The article focused on the establishment of the three Environmental Health and Education Research Centers (EHERC). Dr. Hailoo stressed his concerns about the high incidence of cancer related to environmental pollution and the need to create the resources to study and manage these problems.