Higher Education and Development for Archaeology and Environmental Health Research
SUNY at Stony Brook

Monthly Report: July 2004

Objective 1: Management and Administration

A.5 Activity: Reporting and Evaluation

Objective 2: Archaeology Project

2.1.2 Activity: Refit Department Libraries

2.2 Activity: Equipment and Facilities Rehabilitation to Support Instruction

2.3 Activity: Instruction in Iraq; Task A: Summer Workshops


2.4 Activity: Intensive M.A. Program in Archaeology

(L, C) M.A. students with English teacher. (R) Prof. P. Zimansky (center) meeting with M.A. students at SBU’s USAID-Iraq program office.

4.5.1 Activity: Library, Archaeology; Task B: Purchase and Ship Books


 A. Kirk Grayson library being prepped for shipping to Iraq by Archaeology graduate student Brian Bingham. Photo: C. Filstrup.

Objective 3: Environmental Health Project


(L) Left to Right: W. Hailoo, N. Ahmad (USAID), M. Segall (USAID), S. Marqus. (R) Left to Right: M. Al-Muhmaidi, W. Hailoo, Ambassador R. Al Rahim, S. Marqus, F. Al-Guylanni

3.3.2 Activity: Dean and Coordinators’ Visit

3.4.1     Activity: Building the Centers’ Infrastructure

3.4.5 Activity: Deliver Environmental Lab Equipment

3.4.6 Activity: Environmental Health Conference

3.4.7 Activity: Mini-Grants

4.5 Activity: Library—Environmental Health