Higher Education and Development for Archaeology and Environmental Health Research
SUNY at Stony Brook

Monthly Report: April, 2004

Objective 1: Management and Administration

  • On 9 April 2004, USAID General Development Officer Jessica Jordan approved SBU’s Environmental Health Research Work Plan.

Objective 2: Archaeology Project

2.3 Activity: Instruction in Iraq: Task A: Summer Workshops

The American Center for Oriental Research in Amman, Jordan. (L) With USAID assistance, ACOR is expanding. Renovations include the addition of a third floor. (R) Hostel rooms overlook ruins of a late Roman villa. Photos: C. Filstrup, J. Pournelle

2.4 Activity: Intensive M.A. Program in Archaeology

4.5 Activity: Archaeology Library: Task B: Purchase and ship books

International Freight forwarder Aramex will handle load consolidation and freight forwarding. Photos: J. Pournelle.

Objective 3: Environmental Health Project

3.3.1 Task: Establish Program Coordinating Office, Iraq

3.3.2 Task: Assemble Program Team, U.S.

3.3.3 Task: Advisory Board

3.4.5 Activity: Mini-Grants

4.5 Activity: Library, Environmental Health

3.4.3 Task C: Orientation and training for Centers leadership and staff, U.S.


3.4.1 Activity: Workshops for Deans, Coordinators and PCO Staff

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[2] See http://www.oclc.org/.