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AP & College Credit

Advanced Placement Credit

AP credit is granted to students who have taken the appropriate CEEB advanced placement examination and scored a 3 or higher.

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Helpful Information

Students must request that their test scores be forwarded to Stony Brook University’s Undergraduate Admissions Office from AP Services. Stony Brook's College Board code is 2548.

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International Baccalaureate

With its origins in Europe, the International Baccalaureate Program—now offered by some American high schools—leads to a diploma or certificates of examination. Stony Brook University will award six credits for International Baccalaureate higher-level exams with scores of 5 or better for year-long courses.

College Courses Taken While In High School

Courses offered by regionally accredited colleges and passed with a letter grade of C or higher while the student was in high school will be accepted and evaluated for applicability to specific Stony Brook University degree requirements. Credits for successfully completed courses for which a grade equivalent to P or S was assigned are also accepted and will be evaluated for transfer credit according to the guidelines in the Application of Transfer Credits to General Education Requirements section of the Undergraduate Bulletin.

College Courses Taken After High School Graduation

All course work completed with a grade of C or higher from a regionally accredited college will be applied toward the total credit hour requirement for a Stony Brook University B.A., B.S., or B.E. degree. Courses for which grades of P or S are earned are also accepted. Graduates of SUNY or CUNY colleges who earn an A.A. or an A.S. degree prior to matriculation at Stony Brook will receive credit for all course work completed as part of the associates degree requirements.

General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A-Level)

With its origins in the United Kingdom, the General Certificate of Education or GCE is a secondary-level academic qualification that continues to be a popular measure of academic aptitude in other countries, including Hong Kong, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. Stony Brook University will award up to eight credits per subject for A-level (Advanced) exams in year long courses with grade equivalents of C or better.

Stony Brook University accepts up to 30 credits by examination in partial fulfillment of the bachelor's degree.