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Topic: School of Journalism
Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011
Host: Marcy McGinnis, Associate Dean, School of Journalism

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On October 20, 2011, Marcy McGinnis, Associate Dean of the School of Journalism, hosted a video chat with prospective students as part of Stony Brook University’s Virtual Open House. Ms. McGinnis began with a brief summary of her 35 year career at CBS News. She came to Stony Brook in 2006 to help start the School of Journalism, which is the first and only Undergraduate School of Journalism in the SUNY system.

She then spoke about the academic programs offered within the School of Journalism, noting some of the factors that make it one of the most comprehensive programs in the country.  Journalism students attend multiple sections of print, online and broadcast classes. “We teach our students all of the skills, but we really focus on reporting,” says Ms. McGinnis. She also noted that “the curriculum can be challenging, but when you graduate, you are prepared for the real world.”  The major in Journalism also requires students to complete a concentration outside of the School of Journalism.

Ms. McGinnis spoke about the facilities at Stony Brook, including the $1.3M state of the art newsroom. “We want to be sure our students have all of the modern tools for the modern world that they will be experiencing out there [in the workforce],” she said. In addition to the newsroom, there is also a broadcast studio where students conduct weekly newscasts.

Before answering questions from the audience, Ms. McGinnis talked about some of the opportunities that Journalism majors have outside of the classroom at Stony Brook. This included a course called “Reporting in New York City,” a program called Journalism Without Walls, and internship opportunities which can turn into jobs.

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