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Topic: Marine, Environmental, and Sustainability Programs
Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011
Hosts: Mary Scranton, Professor, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences; Dwight, Coastal Environmental Studies Major; Lindsey, Environmental Design, Policy and Planning Major

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During our Virtual Open House on October 20, 2011, Stony Brook faculty and students led a talk on our cutting-edge Marine, Environmental, and Sustainability Programs. The webinar was hosted by Dr. Mary Scranton, Undergraduate Director and Professor in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Dwight, a Coastal Environmental Studies major, and Lindsay, an Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning major.

The students began the webinar, explaining how our majors within Stony Brook's Sustainability Studies Program are focused on balancing conservation and protection with infrastructure and communities. Both students stressed the career-oriented focus of these majors, and the importance of their work for the future of Long Island and other communities.

Dr. Scranton then provided an extensive discussion of our bachelor’s programs in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS), opportunities for upper-division courses at our marine station in Southampton, and courses with field components providing hands-on research on local boats and beautiful beaches. She discussed the range of interests of our esteemed faculty, extensive course offerings, and the multitude of internship opportunities. She stressed that SoMAS programs provide students academic preparation for high quality jobs or graduate programs. Dr. Scranton described the goal of the Environmental Studies major to provide students interested in social science, engineering, and the humanities with a strong foundation in environmental science. Many students in this program travel to Madagascar to study abroad! She also talked about the Atmospheric Science program, which uses real-time data and weather forecasting, and has extensive research and internship opportunities, including at the National Weather Service and local television stations.

Dr. Scranton fielded questions about class sizes, and career and graduate school opportunities for graduates. Dwight and Lindsay fielded questions about their class experiences, student clubs, student life and campus activities, places to study on campus, and course workloads.
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