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lorena MAJOR:
Mechanical Engineering

HOMETOWN: Bogota, Colombia

“I welded my first chassis in my freshman year. That was very exciting. And the next year I took on the fabrication of the chassis. And the one after that I was in charge of design and fabrication of the chassis, and this year, as a senior, I designed the suspension system for our team car, including the tires, control arms, wheel assemblies and dampers.”

WHY I PICKED MY MAJOR: It’s very hands-on

“My interest is in manufacturing engineering. I’m interning at a flagpole manufacturing company. I work on improving manufacturing processes and designing parts.”

MY FAVORITE PROFESSOR: Jon Longtin, Mechanical Engineering

“He taught two of my classes, Mat Lab Programming and Thermodynamics. He’s so thorough.
He has funny stories and he engages you, and when the book words things in a way you don’t
really understand, he says it in a different way and just makes it click.”

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT STONY BROOK: The woods and open spaces where we
test the cars

ADVICE TO INCOMING STUDENTS: “Be very motivated in whatever you do. If you
don’t do it, no one else is going to do it for you.”

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