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dani MAJORS:
Business Management and Journalism

HOMETOWN: Aurora, Oregon

WHY I PICKED STONY BROOK: The newsroom and the professors in the School of Journalism

WHY ELSE: Proximity to New York City

“I don’t think you can find a better place for broadcasting. I’ve taken the train thousands of times to the city, and I had never been there until I came here.”

COOL INTERNSHIPS: “I had an internship with an ABC affiliate in Oregon. The NBA draft was going on, and I got to go to the Portland Trail Blazers facility and watch players being screened. I was there on draft day with all the media.

I also covered the major league soccer team, The Timbers, and interviewed
them in the locker room. You can’t get more real world than that.”

“Internships are the way to go when you’re trying to find a job. It’s all about who you know
and what you’ve done so far. School is part of it, but you need real world experience, too.”

MY FAVORITE TEACHER: Women’s Basketball Coach Beth O’Boyle

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