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Stony Brook University received continued funding for TechPREP and STEM Tech from the Motorola Solutions Foundation!

Stony Brook University announces that Motorola Solutions has funded a brand new collaborative program for high school students on Long Island called STEM Tech. The grant, in its sixth year, is part of the STEM Collaborative grant program from the Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions Inc. Through the grant, STEM Tech will provide funding and facilitators for the creation of four STEM Tech clubs. This program is a University outreach after school program that will serve as many as 300 students from high need school districts. STEM Tech is a collaborative effort including; Stony Brook University’s Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program, Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP), and the Department of Technology and Society, local school districts, WISE Mentors, Suffolk County Girl Scouts, the Long Island Service Learning Network and Connect To Tech (a consortium of industry representatives). The clubs will work on service learning projects and will finish the academic year program with a capstone conference at which students will present projects that address some of the regional environmental issues affecting Local Island. The clubs are located at the Brentwood 9th Grade Center, Brentwood High School, William Floyd Middle School, Patchogue-Medford Middle School, Longwood Middle School, Riverhead Middle School, the Harrison Hale Community Resource Center and the Suffolk County Girl Scout Headquarters in Commack. In addition, the award provides for a fifth year of support for theTechPREP program. TechPREP provides 90 hours of educational and experiential learning for middle school girls in the areas of computer science, geosciences, mathematics and physics, and engineering. STEM Tech takes place over the academic year and TechPREP begins in March.

“The funding from Motorola Solutions Innovation Generation Collaborative grant will allow TechPREP and STEM Tech to continue to develop opportunities for students to learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics while meeting a variety of role models from the community, industry and the university.”

“They learn first-hand about innovation, project development, and what potential they can have to impact the future!” stated Carrie-Ann Miller, Co-Director of STEM Tech and TechPREP. Co-Director Paul Siegel, observed that the support from Motorola Solutions also provides a way for the University and the LI business community to spread some of their intellectual capital and entrepreneurial acumen into areas of need. STEM Tech will host a “Fun with Engineering Day” in which students from local middle and high schools will come to the Stony Brook campus and meet successful role models, learn about college and explore some of the the University’s laboratories. Students will participate in field trips to Brookhaven National Laboratory and local businesses. The year will end with a capstone competition where each STEM Tech club will present their model solution to the Long Island environmental issue they identified and addressed.

Innovation Generation is a part of Motorola Solutions’ larger commitment to engaging youth in STEM education. Beyond funding, STEM Tech and TechPREP will receive ongoing support from Motorola Solutions employee volunteers, who will act as mentors, tutors, and experts in STEM careers, which utilizes the expertise of Motorola Solutions’ workforce to inspire the next generation of inventors. STEM Tech is also now a part of the Innovation Generation network, where it can create vital connections with hundreds of other organizations with the common vision to make a greater impact on STEM education.

Please go to our blog at www.wise.sunysb.edu to read first-hand accounts of both programs from our mentors and students! For additional information on STEM Tech and TechPREP please visit www.stonybrook.edu/techprep.

About STEM Tech and TechPREP

TechPREP is a multi-track program targeting 6th-8th grade female students, parents and school administrators in high needs school districts on Long Island. STEM Tech will be a newly formed program that will create several clubs for middle and high school students on Long Island. The clubs will focus on an environmental issue in their communities. Students will design and develop a model solution and present it at a capstone event in the spring. This consortium of Stony Brook University programs including Connect to Tech, the Science and Technology Program (STEP) and the Women in Science and Engineering Program (WISE), will deliver an integrated program encompassing mentoring, technology demonstrations, classroom instruction and overall awareness of engineering and computer technologies. Connect To Tech, a network of high tech professionals and teachers, the Suffolk County Girls Scouts, and the Long Island Regional Service Learning Network will work collaboratively with Stony Brook University to assist in the development and success of STEM Tech and its clubs.