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Simons Center for Geometry & Physics

The Simons Center for Geometry & Physics incorporates two building masses - the brick "bar" on the north side relates to the existing buildings adjacent to the site and a curved glass structure on the south side that creates a more open mass and main facade of the Center. These masses are linked by an atrium that promotes collaboration and interaction. With quality of life in mind, sustainability is integral to the project. Designed to achieve LEED gold rating from the US Green Building Council.

Building Attributes:

Building Address: John S. Toll Drive
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794
Campus West Campus
Website: www.scgp.stonybrook.edu/
LEED Rating: -
Certification Date: -
In Service Date: Fall 2011
Building Features:

Atrium: The three story atrium connects the buildings offices, and allows for the efficient use of natural light.

Solar Shading: The glass facade on the south side was designed to maximize sun control while maintaining views. A horizontal sun-shade louver system allows more sun to permeate the interior during the winter months and less exposure in the summer months.

Green Roof: A modular green roof above Floor 5 and planters on Floor 2 contribute towards the project's green space LEED points; LiveRoof® specified engineered soil and a blend of low-growing shallow root sedums and sempervivums create a natural carpet.

Rainwater Collection: A 4,000 gallon rainwater harvesting tank maximizes the collection of rain water from roof drains, estimated at more than 30,000 gallons annually, in order to provide water for toilets and irrigation.

Mechanical Systems: Air-handlers utilize several heat rejection methods - ice storage, geothermal wells, and a water feature that functions as a cooling tower. Active chilled beams were incorporated into the offices to provide low-humidity cooling. Outdoor and ventilation air are maximized.

Building Images:

Simons Center for Geometry & Physics

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