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Advanced Energy Research & Technology Center (AERTC)

The Advanced Energy Center (AERTC) is located in the Research & Development Park at Stony Brook University and is a true partnership of academic institutions, research institutions, energy providers and industrial corporations. The Centers mission is innovative energy research, education and technology deployment with a focus on efficiency, conservation, renewable energy and nanotechnology applications for new and novel sources of energy.

Building Attributes:

Building Address: Advanced Energy Center
1000 Innovation Road
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-6044
Campus Research & Development Park
Website: www.aertc.org
LEED Rating: Platinum
Certification Date: Awarded November 2011
In Service Date: Fall 2012
Building Features:

Sustainable Site: Parking for low emission vehicles and use of vegetation that eliminates storm water run-off, while providing shade to keep blacktop from generating heat is used.

Water Efficiency: Landscaping that requires no irrigation is used, as is a a system for collecting rain water on the roof, which is used for flushing toilets.

Energy and Atmosphere: Photovoltaic cells are used to create energy and block excessive sunlight. Windows are used strategically, as a source of light. Energy efficient desk lamps are used in favor of overhead light.

Materials and Resources: Use of recycled building materials will exceed 20%, and 75% of construction waste was also diverted to recycling sites.

Indoor & Environmental Quality- Extensive venting will prevent pollution during construction. An efficient air pumping system will provide above average levels of fresh air, which will be carefully monitored. A minimum of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), commonly found in such things as carpeting and furniture will be used.

Leeds Facts For New Construction: Advanced Energy Research & Technology Center (AERTC)
Sustainable Sites: 12/14
Water Efficiency: 5/5
Energy & Atmosphere: 10/17
Materials & Resources: 5/13
Indoor Environmental Quality: 15/15
Innovation: 5/5
Total Points: 52

Building Images:

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