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LEARN - Live Environmentally And Responsibly Now

This concept came out of a Senior Staff Retreat with the goal of bringing to residential areas a consistent educational method to remind students of how to be green. The committee ordered magnets which have the logo L.E.A.R.N. on them and a pocket in which to place a business card sized piece of paper. We are piloting this program in the apartment communities of Chapin, Schomburg and West. Our committee has printed facts which are slipped into the pocket, a different fact for each apartment community. The RAs have been asked to place one in each apartment on the refrigerator. Our plan is to change the facts one or twice each semester. We hope to extend this initiative to the remaining residential communities in Fall 2010.

Green Award

The committee asked each Residential Hall Director to nominate a student and a Resident Assistant who are green in their daily life. The committee picked one student winner and one Resident Assistant winner per quad. The winners were given a reusable lunch box.


Awareness is our focus for this campaign. We use the network of RHDs and RAs across campus to display a bulletin board in each building, explaining the campaign and encouraging students to recycle correctly. We distribute Recycle Mania buttons to RHDs to hand out to residents in their building. RHDs are then given Recycle Bucks which they reward students who are wearing their buttons, actively recycling, or attending a program on green issues. Recycle Bucks may be used to win prizes at the Recycle Mania Auction which was held April 7, 2010. We used FaceBook for informational purposes. During Recycle Mania, the department of Recycling and Resource Management collects recyclables from the trash areas around the residential buildings and gives us statistics on quantity and quality of the recyclables collected. These are converted into points that are weighted for the number of residents per building. The building in each of the eight quads with the most points receives $200 programming funds to be used before the end of spring semester.


Sustain-a-thon is the brain child of the Residential Hall Association, a student run leadership group on campus. The Sustainability Committee collaborates with them to fund their supplies for Eco-Hunt at Earthstock. Sustain-a-Thon has three major aspects: "Lights Out"; Quad Wide Cleanup; and Eco-Hunt.

"Lights Out" is geared to reduce energy consumption in the residence halls. Informational stations were set up in the Student Activities Center for each Wednesday. Topics were: Energy; Recycling; Carbon Footprint; Deforestation; Water Conservation; and Wildlife Conservation. Also included was a solar powered concert and a movie night showing of "Wall-E".

Quad Wide Cleanup is a clean up day for each residential quad

Eco-Hunt is 15 educational stations, spread through the Earthstock Festival, with intellectual and physical challenges. Each participant accumulates points to possibly win a prize.

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