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Recycling LogoAt Stony Brook University, you can assist in the recycling effort by recycling paper, bottles and cans, plastic, clothes, office supplies, athletic shoes, appliances, ink jet cartridges and cell phones. Paper is the most common material to recycle. Computer paper, copy paper, paper bags, cardboard, envelopes, fax paper, greeting cards, index cards, magazines, newspaper, notebook pages, posters, pamphlets and even pizza boxes are all recyclable on campus. Paper fasteners do not need to be removed before recycling (though we do suggest you save those paper clips, binder clips, comb bindings, etc. and reuse them!) For bottles and cans, all types of glass (green, brown, clear, etc.) can be recycled as well as all types of metal cans. Some plastics can also be recycled; namely #1 PET plastic bottles and #2 HDPE plastic bottles. These days, almost all beverage containers are made with#1 or #2 plastic... If in doubt, put it in a recycling bin! Although it's not absolutely necessary, whenever possible cans and plastics should be rinsed and flattened before being placed in a recycling container. Recycling at SBU is very convenient. There are all types of recycling bins located throughout the campus. There are over 60 recycled recyclers located in common areas in all buildings. A recycled recycler is a three bin container that is used to recycle paper, and bottles and cans, and trash. These bins are made from 100% recycled content. All residence hall rooms, apartments and campus administrative and academic areas are equipped with appropriate bins for recycling. To request bins for your area, please call 2-9297. Outdoors on campus there are many recycling clusters. These sturdy receptacles are painted green for trash and bright blue for bottles and cans. Clothing can be recycled by placing items into the red clothing recycling bins. These bins are located outside every residence hall quad. Old athletic, rubber soled shoes/sneakers can be recycled. There are bins for these in the Student Activities Center Lobby and in the Wellness Center, located on the third floor of the SAC. Old cell phones and ink jet cartridges can be recycled by placing them in a sealed envelope and sending them via intra-campus mail to Recycling, Zip: 6551. Each of us can make a difference in reducing our ecological footprint. For more information on how you can help, please visit us on the web at: www.stonybrook.edu/recycling

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