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Nobel Halls Sustainable Buildings

Campus Residences just completed a new 600 bed Residence Hall which was opened for the Fall semester of 2010. The 173,000 sq.ft. building consists of 104 suite style apartments which have 3 double bedrooms in each. Common elements such as lounges, small kitchens, student laundry, classrooms and offices are located on the 1st floor, with the addition of a cafe/lounge and 350 person meeting room. This project incorporates sustainable design strategies and is currently registered under the United States Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. The university is close to achieving a LEED Silver rating. Insulated metal panels were used for the exterior cladding creating a highly insulated building envelope while incorporating building materials with high recycled content. Indoor Air Quality was a priority when designing the HVAC systems and finishes which contain no added urea formaldehyde were used. The Building Management System (BMS) allows for highly efficient operation. Systems which help in this efficient operation include variable frequency drives on pump motors, lighting occupancy controls, HVAC occupancy controls, the use of economizer controls on cooling units using outside air with no mechanical cooling, and an energy wheel on a roof top unit serving our 350 person meeting space. This building will be the first residence hall to have a LEED rating.

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