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Hazardous Materials Management Facility Sustainable Practices

When bottles and containers of hazardous chemical waste need to be removed and disposed of from laboratories and other waste generating areas around campus, they are picked up or delivered to an EH&S technician and the container(s) are transported to the Hazardous Materials Management Facility (HMMF). Once the containers of waste are brought to the HMMF, they are inventoried and properly segregated according to hazard class and compatibility prior to disposal. Whenever possible, compatible chemicals waste(s) are bulked together to minimize the amount of total waste generated, and certain waste streams, such as used oil, are recycled. The waste must be disposed of off-site within 90-days of being brought to the HMMF. The HMMF has a coated concrete floor and ten containment bays to separate incompatible wastes.

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