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Move Out/Free Cycle Cultural Awareness and EducationRecycling

Held twice per year (end of each semester) the University residential move out program aims to collect reusable items in order to divert them from the waste stream. Since the Spring of 2008 and up through the Fall of 2009, the University has helped to divert 17.22 tons of items from the waste stream. These items are either donated to local charities or stored on campus until the following semester when they are redistributed to incoming students ("FreeCycle"). Students are encouraged to drop off reusable items such as books, paper, non perishable food items, office supplies, small appliances and electronics, shoes, clothing and linens into collection bins that are located temporarily in lobbies and common areas of all residential buildings. Students are typically very eager to participate, and to benefit from such offerings! What would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill, is instead sorted to be recycled, FreeCycled or donated. If you have any further questions about the Move -Out Program, please contact Recycling and Resource Management at 632-9673.

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