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Energy Conservation Initiatives Energy Conservation

There are several Energy Conservation initiatives that have been, and continue to be, implemented here at Stony Brook. These entail doing the same function with less energy, or turning off a device when it is not being used.

Occupancy Sensors in Classrooms and Lecture Halls

In an ongoing project, Environmental Stewardship has facilitated the installation of new, or the repair of existing, occupancy sensors in approximately 80 classrooms and lecture halls.

Astronomical Timers on Administration Parking Garage

Astronomical timers have been installed at the Administration Parking Garage to turn off unnecessary lights during daylight hours. These devices adjust the time that they turn on and off daily to account for the varying sunrise and sunset times. By utilizing these timers we have been able to turn off the perimeter lights, where daylight is sufficient.

Glass Corridor between Physics and Harriman Hall

There is a glass hallway between the physics building and Harriman Hall. We had a project done to install daylight and occupancy sensors to control the lights in this corridor. Now instead of being on 24/7, the lights would be off until triggered by the occupancy sensor. However, when the ambient light level is sufficient, as monitored by the daylight sensor, the lights do not turn on.

Building Management Systems

Fans, pumps and motors, all have something in common; they use a lot of energy in buildings. Due to the physical nature of these devices, they use a great deal less energy when they are operated below full speed. Stony Brook is taking advantage of this by using a master control system to slow down fans, pumps and motors when it's not necessary to operate at full speed; such as during unoccupied or light load hours. Slowing down a fan motor to half speed reduces the energy consumed to 1/8 the original amount.

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