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Green Initiative:Clean Air Hybrid Vehicle
SBU Transit Vehicle Number:64
Powered By:All Electric / Diesel Hybrid Bus

Stony Brook University acquired a plug-in, diesel hybrid bus from the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) in Fall 2010. The plug-in, diesel hybrid bus was originally manufactured by El Dorado National as a diesel powered bus and later converted to a dual mode, electric / diesel hybrid drivetrain by the Odyne Corporation for the Long Island Power Authority / National Grid.

The dual mode bus operates as based on the following parameters:

All Electric Mode: In this mode, the bus is completely powered by zero emission battery technology, and does not require any diesel fuel to operate. In the all electric mode, the bus' range in miles varies as dependent on outside air temperature, battery condition and battery charging status.

All Electric Mode Advantages: Zero emissions, no diesel fuel required

Diesel Hybrid Mode: In this mode, the bus uses zero emission battery technology as its primary source of power, however when the battery technology begins to draw down, the bus' electronic system activates a small diesel engine which recharges its' batteries. Although this mode involves using a small diesel engine during limited periods of time, this operating mode increases the range of the bus.

Diesel Hybrid Mode Advantages: Significant fuel savings, decreased maintenance & operation expenses, increased bus range

Stony Brook University's Bus #64 is a Clear Air Hybrid Vehicle which is used in SBU Transit Service in an effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions, decrease the University's carbon footprint and decrease our diesel fuel consumption.

Fast Facts

Manufacturer:El Dorado National, A Thor Company
Hybrid Components:Odyne Corporation
Passenger Capacity:27 (seated)
Type:Low Floor, Transit Kneeling Bus
Hybrid Batteries:72
Features:Regenerative Braking
Dual Mode Operation
Zero Emission Technology
Battery Powered Air Conditioning
Interesting Note:This bus was operated in Long Island Bus ("LI Bus") service in Nassau County,
NY, prior to it arriving at Stony Brook University.
SBU In Service Date:Spring 2011

For more information on SBU Transit or to contact us concerning this Clean Air Hybrid Vehicle, please visit:

Vehicle Images (as shown in front of Stony Brook University's Advanced Energy Research & Technology Center)

Hybrid Technology Components (courtesy of ElectroMotive Designs, LLC)

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