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The AERTC (Advanced Energy Research & Technology Center) is the second facility to be constructed on the Stony Brook University Research Park. The AERTC, by design and program, will foster and contribute to a broad based interdisciplinary research activity which integrates fundamental science and engineering to design and implement the next generation of advanced energy systems. Thus, the design of the site and the AERTC building itself should be the embodiment of the research program and therefore has been designed to meet LEED Platinum certification and to meet New York State's Executive Order 111. The Facility program incorporates cutting edge research in Bio-fuels and nanotechnology as applied to the development of Photovoltaic systems development. Areas of energy related research include areas such as "Smart Grid" systems, advanced battery research and development, fuel cell research and development; conventional fuel engine research; building systems research (sensors) to more effectively manage and reduce inefficient energy use. Because the building itself uses advanced and innovative strategies to maximize operational efficiencies, research activities will incorporate these elements for further study and development. As previously noted to assist in achieving a LEED platinum certification, the building design incorporates 10KW of PV panels that have the dual purpose of shading a portion of the south face of the building to reduce summer sun exposure and provide natural light to laboratory spaces; non-potable (grey) water recovery and a reflective roof finish. Moreover the HVAC system uses state-of-the art sensor technology and systems, including heat recovery to maximize energy efficiency. The program space has allocated 7000 sq ft for incubator and industrial partner use. These spaces are generic and will be configured to suit the user requirements. http://www.aertc.org/

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