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Rich Shelton

Name: Rich Shelton

Title: EcoLeader & Sustainability Project Coordinator

Division: Facilities & Services

Department:Office of Sustainability

Standing Fourth Year

List of Sustainability Projects Involved In:

  • Custodial Electric Hand Dryers
  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • Water Bottle Filling Stations
  • ACUPCC Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report


Richard Shelton has been an EcoLeader since September 2012 and a Project Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability since June 2012. As an active member of the Sustainability Task Force, Rich participates in a number of sustainability initiatives on campus including the student light audit and analyzing the impact of water bottle filling stations at the University. In addition to these tasks, Rich is involved in researching a variety of initiatives and providing analysis to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of sustainability programs at the University.

Rich's interest in the environment stems from his early childhood, having grown up in the frontiers of Alaska. He moved to Long Island when he was twelve years old and currently resides in Port Jefferson.

Rich received his Associates in Liberal Studies from Suffolk Community College before coming to Stony Brook to Major in Business Administration, with a focus in Operations Management. Originally, Rich was attempting to minor in Sustainability, however after taking a few classes, he decided to double major in Business Management and Environmental Design, Policy and Planning. When he graduates, Rich hopes to help businesses become more sustainable and cost efficient.

Aside from being a full time student, Rich is also a member of Focus the Nation, a student leadership program that allows students to lead their campus communities in energy conservation projects. Focus the Nation's main goal is to bring attention to cleaner energy options while empowering the future generation. Focus the Nation hosts an annual Recharge! Retreat each summer in Oregon, inviting 20 student leaders from across the nation. This year, Rich was selected to represent New York State at the retreat, which is an opportunity that Rich is looking forward to.

"I hope to learn more about renewable energy and climate change and bring back that knowledge to help my community here at Stony Brook" said Shelton.

Rich is also a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society and APICS, the Association for Operations Management. APICS is an international business management organization that helps educate business men and women on how to run their business more effectively. He also spent a month working on a project for the EPA at the Republic Airport in Farmingdale, which involved analyzing airport traffic and its' effect on ambient air quality. The project is conducted through ICF International, an independent company hired by the EPA to manage the project.

Although he still has two more semesters at Stony Brook, Rich wants to enter the workforce after he graduates, saying "Graduate school isn't out of the equation for right now, but I'd like to start working right away. I want to start applying what I have learned these past four years to improve the environment and the lives of others. In the future, I hope to further my education and one day become a professor."

Interviewed By: Chelsea Moccio and Sakib Ahmed

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