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James Ambroise

Name: James Ambroise

Title: Site Manager

Division: Facilities & Services

Department:Transportation & Parking Services

SBU Tenure 4 Years

List of Sustainability Projects Involved In:

  • Solar Powered Parking Meters
  • Lighting in Administration Garage
  • Parking Lot LED Lighting
  • SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share
  • Bike Racks on Campus
  • Solar Powered Bus Lighting
  • Bike Storage Lockers


James Ambroise is a born and bred Sea Wolf. He attended Stony Brook University for his undergraduate studies and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. James was initially employed at Stony Brook University through a parking contractor in 2000 and worked as a cashier in the parking garages. Through diligence and hard work, James worked his way up to becoming a supervisor and then Facility Manager for both east and west campus parking garages. In 2009, he was given the golden opportunity to become Site Manager with the Department of Transportation & Parking Operations at the University and jumped at the opportunity.

When the Office of Sustainability was born, James seized the opportunity and worked to integrate sustainability into the world of facilities and services. As an initial initiative, James received the opportunity to work on SBU�s Wolf Ride Bike Share program, which involved building and growing the solar powered bike share program from the ground up. �The experience I gained while working on Wolf Ride was tremendous. I had the opportunity to be around the system from its very beginning, when we researched other campuses and municipalities bike share services. From there, we worked to procure and setup the system, and now we operate it with great success!�

James participates on a variety of University committees, including the Transportation & Parking Advisory Group, Sustainability Task Force and Bike Committee.

Aside from Wolf Ride, James is also involved in the installation of energy efficient lighting in the Administration Parking Garage, Parking Lot LED Lighting, new bike racks on campus, solar powered pay stations for metered parking lots and solar powered pay station lighting. In the last year, approximately 140 new bike racks have been installed in various locations this year alone.

In addition to the efforts above, James manages the University Sign Shop, which is responsible for producing and installing interior and exterior signage, and coordinates special event parking for events such as graduation.

Interviewed By: Chelsea Moccio

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