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Important Information
  • Safety is tops! All Wolf Ride users must wear a helmet while riding. Helmets are available for purchase at the Seawolves MarketPlace, located at the Student Activities Center.

  • Current SBU Students: In order to use Wolf Ride Bike Share, students must insert their SBU ID card into the kiosk. An 8-digit personal identification number (PIN) is required. The PIN number is a student's birth date using the following format: MMDDYYYY For example, a birth date of January 1, 2013 would be 01012013.

    Faculty, Staff and Visitors: Please insert your credit/debit card and follow the kiosk instructions.

  • Unlock A Bike: Unlock a bike by typing the 5-digit code from the kiosk at any dock that has a bike in it. When the dock light goes green, lift the seat of the bike slightly and firmly pull back to release the bike from the dock.

  • Return A Bike: Return a bike by placing the bike in any open dock, lifting the handlebars of the bike slightly, and firmly pushing the bike forward to lock it into the dock. Wait for the green light to flash on the dock.

  • Wolf Ride bikes are for on-campus use only. They provide a sustainable, zero emission mode of transportation that is great for both riders and the environment.

  • To avoid additional usage charges, Wolf Ride Bike Share bikes must be returned within an hour. Over an hour, additional charges are applied to a student's account, or are billed to faculty, staff and visitors' credit/debit cards.

  • Need help? Contact us at:

    SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share
    Office of Sustainability
    Phone: (631) 632-4658 or (631) 632-4438
    E-Mail: sustainability@stonybrook.edu

Enjoy Your Wolf Ride!

Wolf Ride stations are located in proximity to the following University buildings:

  • Athletic Fields
  • Javits Lecture
  • James College (M&H Quad)
  • Library / Sustainability Studies
  • Life Sciences
  • Long Island Railroad (LIRR)
  • South P Lot
  • Student Activities Center
  • Tabler Quad
  • Wang Center
  • West Apartments C
  • West Apartments I

Informative maps that display all Wolf Ride stations, the Paul Simons Memorial Bike Path and other bike friendly infrastructure are located at each Wolf Ride station.

View the Bike Kiosk Map

View the Bike Kiosk Map (Live Data)

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Sustainability @ Stony Brook University