Marc Fasanella 
Visiting Professor

Dr. Marc Fasanella teaches Ecological Art, Architecture and Design in the Sustainability Studies Program at Stony Brook University. Having taught Art and Design at the university level for thirty years, his current work focuses on regenerative design and ecology based neighborhood development. Marc holds a PhD in Art & Art Education from New York University and is a recipient of the Long Island University Trustees Award for Scholarly Achievement for writing and design in the spirit of 19th century luminary William Morris.

Raised by a progressive educator and a self-taught social realist painter, Dr. Fasanella was exposed to social justice and environmental activism at an early age. His parents were part of the nationwide struggle for civil rights. As a youth he participated in the migrant farmworker movement led by Cesar Chavez and Pete Seeger's environmental initiative Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival. His many hours spent exploring the forest and wetland ecology of the undeveloped land adjacent to his childhood home instilled in him a visceral understanding of the web of nature and insight into the effects of development as the forest in which he found a spiritual home gave way to suburban sprawl.

Dr. Fasanella began his academic training in the New York State University system as an undergraduate in Industrial Arts and Technology Education where he was introduced to design philosophy and received technical training ranging from drafting and graphics to ceramics, metalwork, plastics, power technology, woodwork, electronics and photography. Throughout the years of his college education he apprenticed himself to the practical trades of estate gardening, restoration carpentry and stone masonry. A semester abroad studying studio art, Renaissance culture and Italian language in Florence Italy exposed him to the impact of art, architecture and design on the evolution of culture. After receiving his bachelor's degree he pursued an MA at New York University in Post-Secondary Technology and Industrial Education - his goal: to teach students to use industrial skill to produce socially responsible design. During this time his concentrated academic interests were passive solar architecture, problem solving and the British Craft, Design and Technology method of education. After completing his MA he became a doctoral candidate at NYU in Art and Art Education where he studied aesthetics and the philosophy of nature. His dissertation, The Environmental Design of Jones Beach State Park, delved into the aesthetic, economic, geologic, political and environmental impact of the Park’s initial construction.

Dr. Fasanella joined the Arts & Media faculty of Southampton College in 1991, received tenure in 1997 and achieved the rank of Full Professor in 2002. During this time he revitalized the Art Education, Digital Art, Graphic Design and Printmaking curricula and studios, advised up to 60 students, as well as supervised internships and student teaching placements. Dr. Fasanella served as the Southampton College faculty union President from 2001 to 2004. Prior to the closure of Southampton College for financial reasons Dr. Fasanella was selected by the administration to serve on a task force that would move the college toward a unified core, eliminate departmental distinctions and develop environmentally themed majors.

Upon the closure of Southampton College Dr. Fasanella opened and ran Artisan Gallery a coastally themed venue for art, craft and design in Hampton Bays, NY. As a gallery owner and independent curator for cultural institutions across New York State, Dr. Fasanella has produced widely reviewed exhibits featuring the work of notable artists such as George Rickey, Moses Soyer, Robert Gwathmey, David Burliuk, Jim McMullan, Richard Mayhew and Milton Glaser.

Fasanella enthusiastically returned to teaching as a founding faculty member of Stony Brook Southampton, an innovative undergraduate program initiated at his former campus under the stewardship of Stony Brook University.  In this position he co-authored the Environmental Humanities curriculum, served as Director of the Avram Gallery and Art Director for the literary journal of the Masters program in writing.  Upon the relocation of the Sustainability Studies Program to the Main Campus of Stony Brook University, Dr. Fasanella worked with the university architect to design the Sustainability Studies studio, curated student Environmental Art exhibit s, and continues to draft a series of new ecology based curriculum initiatives.

Dr. Fasanella has also written and lectured about his father, whose work is in the permanent collections of the American Folk Art Museum, the Fenimore Art Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Museum of American Art and is displayed in many other museums and public locations through a Public Domain Project.  He is currently writing a monograph on his father’s work for Pomegranate Press due out in the Fall of 2017

Dr. Fasanella lives in a restored historic farmhouse on the East End of Long Island, New York with his wife Anne and two children Mia and Michael.

Current Projects:

The Pondering Ecologist:

Commentary upon the advent and evolving culture of the present millennium.

The Comfortable Landscape: How We Perceive Nature and Overlook Nurture. A volume of illustrated essays and case studies that investigate how aesthetic notions of the built and natural environment have evolved in the Western World and an introduction to a prescriptive ecological aesthetic.

Phyto-Grid Systems: A modular method of creating easily assembled, environmentally benign, gravity fed aquaponic vertical gardens, roofs and water filtration systems.


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