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  • CHE 322: Organic Chemistry IIA

    Undergraduate 4 credits

    Discussion of the structure, reactivity, and properties of organic compounds introduced in CHE 321 is continued. The chemistry of substances important in biology, medicine, and technology is emphasized. CHE 322 may not be taken for credit in addition to CHE 326. This course has been designated as a High Demand/Controlled Access (HD/CA) course. Students registering for HD/CA courses for the first time will have priority to do so.

    Session Class # Section Instructor Days Time Campus Enrollment Status
    Session 26148601Zachary KatsamanisMon., Weds., Fri.09:00-11:35AMWest (Main Campus)Open
    Session 261856R01TBATues. & Thurs.09:00-10:20AMWest (Main Campus)Closed
    Session 261857R02TBATues. & Thurs.10:30-11:50AMWest (Main Campus)Open
    Session 261858R03TBATues. & Thurs.01:40-03:00PMWest (Main Campus)Open
    Session 261859R04TBATues. & Thurs.03:10-04:30PMWest (Main Campus)Open
    Session 26597230Dale DrueckhammerFlexible (Online)TBAWest (Main Campus)Closed
    Session 265973R30Dale DrueckhammerTues. & Thurs.09:00-10:20AMWest (Main Campus)Closed
    Session 265974R31Dale DrueckhammerTues. & Thurs.01:00-02:20PMWest (Main Campus)Closed
    Session 265975R32Dale DrueckhammerTues. & Thurs.07:00-08:20PMWest (Main Campus)Closed
    Session 265976R33Dale DrueckhammerTues. & Thurs.05:00-06:20PMWest (Main Campus)Closed
    Session 266079R34Dale DrueckhammerTues. & Thurs.09:00-10:20AMWest (Main Campus)Closed
    Session 266080R35Dale DrueckhammerTues. & Thurs.01:00-02:20PMWest (Main Campus)Closed
    Session 266081R36Dale DrueckhammerTues. & Thurs.07:00-08:20PMWest (Main Campus)Closed
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