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Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Positions Available

The School of Professional Development Needs Representation in the Student Government

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is the graduate student government at Stony Brook University. Its purpose is to identify and protect the rights of graduate students, advance their interests, provide a forum for public debate, and promote graduate student participation in university affairs. It is incorporated in the State of New York as a nonprofit organization and is legally and structurally independent of the university administration.

Each term, graduate students from all campus schools and departments pay Graduate Student Activity fees to support the GSO, but part-time students have historically been underrepresented. We know the reasons why: our students usually work full-time, they are not on campus every day, and they often don't know where to go to get involved.

But it doesn't have to be this way! The requirements for participation are probably easier than one might think. There are more than 1,800 matriculated SPD students—both on-campus and online. Just think, how might services and support be better if part-time students had representation? Find out by joining the GSO.


What are some activities sponsored by the GSO? The GSO sponsors a wide range of social, educational and cultural events. It also sponsors tax clinics, legal workshops, grants and travel awards. More about GSO Services»

Why would someone want to be a senator? To get involved; to advocate for part-time graduate students; to protect the interests of all graduate students; to demonstrate leadership; and to have a say in how the graduate student activity fees are allocated. Currently, there are vacancies for two senators from SPD -- but we might even be able to petition for more. See a list of current senators »

What are the requirements? A senator has to be a matriculated SPD student who is available to attend at least one general meeting per month (on Tuesday evenings). Additional meetings may be necessary depending on which committees the senator chooses to join. The senator would also file short reports of activities that will be published on the SPD website. But you don't have to be a senator to get involved (see next question).

Do I have to be a senator to participate? No, you are automatically a member of GSO, and you can take advantage all of the benefits (and even participate on committees) without becoming a senator. Check out the GSO website and attend an event -- you just might find that you want to contribute more.

Spencer Busia

Get Involved

Want to find out more? Visit the GSO website at or contact Spencer Busia at or at 631-632-7101.

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