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Southampton Theatre Conference


Intensive 5-day workshops focused on the craft of playwriting. Workshop size is limited to 12.

REWRITING PRACTICUM with Lucas Hnath: This workshop will consider the process of rewriting a play. Too often play development becomes a passive activity in which the writer is given notes. Rather, we will examine strategies for taking control of your rewriting process -- for diagnosing what works, what doesn’t, and implementing a plan to make your play more the play it wants to be. For this work, workshop participants should bring in complete or partial drafts of plays-in-progress. (July 18-22)



Residency (July 11 to 22)

Wish you had a place to get away from the distractions of your everyday life and finally finish that script?  Now you do.  Spend 11 days in the seclusion of your own room hammering away at your laptop. When you need a break, some inspiration, or some conversation with other writers, the Southampton Theatre Conference is there for the taking.  

To make the most of your time with us, you are required to reserve a single dorm room.  Room cost is not included.        

For Workshop Costs & to Apply See Application & Guidelines

Faculty is subject to change.