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Welcome from Our Artistic Director,
Killer Films' Christine Vachon

vachon It's official!  We've just opened our doors to our brand new location on 8th Avenue in midtown Manhattan — a one-of-a-kind community of filmmakers, content makers and writers — and we're pleased to announce that our MFA in Film program will now include Television Writing.  

Focusing on the practical advice and lessons our indie production company, Killer Films, has compiled from almost 30 years in the indie film business — with more than 80 films under our belts and 9 films and TV series produced in 2016 — we're offering a new take on instruction in film and digital content, at State University of New York prices and at two prime locations, in Southampton and Manhattan.

As we set out to devise this new program, our aim quickly became singular: to match the reality of the film and television businesses today. Revolutionary change in technology has made filmmaking and generating TV content accessible. Students are coming to film programs with greater literacy in visual storytelling than ever before. At Stony Brook, we have the luxury of starting at ground zero to envision a new of model for instruction that embraces new platforms for distribution. The approach is a juxtaposition of the big picture and an embrace of the film and television businesses, as they exist in their current form, as well as hands-on and experiential, with the emphasis on the production of new work for screenwriters/tv writers/directors and producers.

Killer’s fortunes and Stony Brook’s fortunes are really going to be tied together for, I hope, a very long time.

I am excited to have you join us in this endeavor -- in breaking new ground in training in visual storytelling.


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