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Fall 2017 TV Writing Courses

Location: 535 Eighth Avenue

FLM 500.S65 (#97088) Intro. Grad Studies (The Spec)

Alan Kingsberg
Thursday, 5:20-8:10 p.m., 4 credits

Students learn how to write a spec script for a TV show that is currently on the air.  A “spec” is a script where the writer creates original stories for a show’s existing characters.  A great spec is a key part of the portfolio needed to get a job as a television writer.    Students will learn how to brainstorm story ideas, structure an outline and write scenes with dialogue, all in a constructive, supportive workshop atmosphere.  The class covers both half-hour comedies and one-hour dramas.  In addition, the class will watch, deconstruct and discuss a wide variety of TV shows in order to better understand how a successful episode is built.  All the basics of TV writing are covered and the workshop is designed to closely mirror a professional writers room on a prime-time series.   This class is paired with one-on-one advisement every other week. 


FLM 525.S65 (#97089) Topics in Film: TV Guest Series
Alan Kingsberg
Monday, 6:00-9:00 p.m., 2 credits

A moderated guest series featuring in-depth discussions with TV writers and producers about their scripts, series and careers.   Meets six times during the Fall semester.


FLM 576.S65 (#97090) Film Workshop: Sketch Comedy
Ethan T. Berlin
Wednesday, 8:20-10:10 p.m., 2 credits

Taught by a veteran comedy writer, this workshop covers the fundamentals of late night and sketch writing in the style of SNL, The Late Show, Full Frontal, and The Daily Show. Structured like a comedy writers' room, students learn to pitch jokes and sketches live in front of other writers.  Students also gain experience working on a sketch or late night packet.


FLM 591.S65 (#97091) Independent Project (Show Runner)
Michael Rauch, 2 credits

In a writers room environment, students form teams to pitch and break stories under the supervision of a showrunner.  Working as a cohesive group, the class builds a complete episode for an ongoing series. 



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