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Children's Lit Fellows


We are fortunate to have a team of accomplished and gifted faculty mentors – established and esteemed children’s lit authors who are well‐versed in all forms of picture book, middle grade and young adult fiction, as well as nonfiction.

Faculty members rotate in and out of the program and participate on an as-needed basis, subject to their own availability. 

Full-Time Faculty

Emma Walton HamiltonDirector

ROTATING faculty mentors to date:

Chris Barton          kidlit faculty books  

Samantha Berger

Libba Bray                              

Rachel Cohn                            

Gayle Forman

Donna Freitas                          

Lorie Ann Grover

Cindy (Trumbore) Kane

Peter Lerangis                         

Grace Lin

Megan McCafferty                   

Patricia McCormick

James McMullan                     

Kate McMullan

Andrea Davis Pinkney              

Tricia Rayburn

Peter H. Reynolds                   

Tor Seidler                             

Amy Sklansky                         

Heidi Stemple                        

Ann Whitford Paul                  

Maryrose Wood                     

Dan Yaccarino


in memoriam: Amy Krouse Rosenthal