At SBU, an institution formed on the bedrock of
innovation, tackling humanity’s most challenging
problems begins with the aspirations of some of the
world’s greatest minds — in our classrooms, in our
laboratories and through our life-changing initiatives.

SBU researchers are rethinking how to harness
renewable resources such as solar and wind to power
our world more effi ciently, while relentlessly seeking new
ways to reduce nuclear waste to generate clean, reliable
energy — an initiative backed by the U.S. Department
of Energy. They are improving battery storage to enable
life-saving defi brillators to last longer and electric cars to
go farther on a single charge. They are collaborating with
Brookhaven National Laboratory colleagues to develop
a more secure, higher capacity “Internet of the future,”
and using digital pathology and 3D imaging to transform
cancer treatment.

SBU’s greatest minds are working to preserve New
York’s rich marine resources; devise ways to combat
climate change and extreme weather events, such as
hurricanes; and strive to create better climate adaptation
applications and policies.

And the bolder their aspirations, the bigger their impact.

SBU is leading the way to meet the fast-changing
demands of the present by confronting the unique
challenges of the future head-on. It is redefi ning what
tomorrow’s high-tech workforce will be — one that will
always inspire innovation and always aspire to make the
world a better place.
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