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Further, Faster Campaign

The Further, Faster campaign is an extension of the Far Beyond brand platform, which remains Stony Brook’s evergreen, core brand platform.

The Further, Faster campaign will be used for a limited time and is intended for external audiences, namely prospective students, high school guidance counselors and peer educators. The campaign may also be used to message donors and alumni.

Far Beyond will continue to be used for all institutional communications targeting Stony Brook’s internal audiences (i.e., current students, faculty and staff) and will continue to be featured in places such as on-campus environmentals, internal and external event collateral, and the Stony Brook University website homepage.

Your audience and message are what will determine if you should be using Far Beyond or Further, Faster. To discuss your communication and where it fits best, please contact: Meryl Altuch at

If it is determined that Further, Faster is appropriate for your audience and message, we can provide you with the Further, Faster Style Guide which has been created to offer professional writers and designers the tools to execute the campaign. For a copy of the Style Guide, please contact: Karen Leibowitz

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