Long Island Veterans Home
AUTO DOORS There are a total of 15 locations with automatic doors, with a total of 20 doors. They are at the Main entrance (2), Adult Day Care entrance (2), Solarium entrance (2), East Pavilion entrance (2), Human resources, Cafeteria, Library, Classroom, Receiving Dock area (2), and 6 Resident Use Laundry rooms

There are 3 ramps set up at the Solarium entrance, the Receiving Dock entrance, and the 1 C/D Patio area. There are 3 entrances that are at ground level not needing a ramp. They are the Main entrance, the entrance at Adult Day Care, and also at the front of the East Pavilion.

  • ADA bathroom (that complies with all ADA regulations, usually in a building built in the late 90’s or after or in a recent rehab)
  • Other accessible” bathroom (that has certain H features, but not all.)

***** The LISVH has ADA bathrooms in all Resident Rooms (194). There are also 31 other restrooms which meet the ADA requirement.




Basement 7 total 3 Unisex



1 74 all Unisex



2 72 all Unisex



3 72 all Unisex




There are a total of 14 handicap parking spaces. In Lot A, there are 6 spaces, with a travel distance to the front entrance from the curb cut, between 175’ – 255’. In Lot B, there are 6 spaces with a travel distance between 325’ –390’. In Lot B, there are 2 additional spaces to the front of the East Pavilion with a travel distance of 75’.


**** There is a distinction for restrooms between 1) an ADA bathroom (that complies with ADA regs) and 2) an other accessible bathroom (that has certain H features, but not all.)

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