AUTOMATIC DOORS Main Entrance (looks broken but is not)

Left of Main Entrance from Academic Mall


Elevator small

First Floor  
AUTOMATIC DOORS Lecture Hall Entrance on right
RESTROOMS Women's…H accessible with grab bars
Men's….H accessible
PUBLIC LECTURE HALL H Entrance to extreme left. Has accessible top section with 1 table and room for 3 chairs.
Main/Second floor  

Women's…H accessible, grab bars, auto door
Men's….H accessible, grab bars, auto doors

H Parking There are a total of seven (7) H parking spaces in the Math/Physics Parking Lot. Four (4) parking spaces are located in the east side of the lot, nearest the Earth & Spaces Sciences (ESS) Building with a curb cut available which will allow wheelchair access to ESS and the Main Mall.

**** There is a distinction for restrooms between 1) an ADA bathroom (that complies with ADA regs) and 2) an other accessible bathroom (that has certain H features, but not all.)

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