Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

SUNY Exchange Program

When the special educational needs of a doctoral student at one SUNY institution or the graduate center of CUNY can be served best by taking courses at another unit of the SUNY system or at the Graduate Center of CUNY, the student should obtain an application from the program director to apply for admission to take the desired courses at the host institution.

• The recommendation from the program should state that the student has the proper prerequisites and that, if the courses are successfully completed, credit for them will be accepted toward the degree.

• The statement from the program director requires approval from the dean of the Graduate School. The approval will then be sent to the dean of the Graduate School of the host institution, who will clear it with the department concerned.

When approval is obtained, the student will be admitted to take the courses requested.

• The student will pay appropriate tuition and fees at the host institution. If the student has a tuition scholarship at Stony Brook, that scholarship will be recognized by the host institution. At the completion of courses, the host institution will, on request, send a transcript to Stony Brook.