Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2020

Residence Requirements

At least two consecutive semesters of full-time graduate study at Stony Brook University in the program granting the degree are required. The purpose of the residence requirement is to ensure that the graduate student participates in the professional life of the program beyond class attendance. Some program residence requirements may vary from the Graduate School norm and are described in the individual program requirements for the degree. Unless specified, however, the Graduate School regulation takes precedence.

Research for the dissertation will normally be conducted at Stony Brook under the direct guidance of the faculty of the student’s PhD program. Facilities at Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, regional hospitals, other institutions on Long Island, or the libraries of New York City are all considered to be on-campus for the purposes of dissertation work. For on-campus dissertation research, Students should register for ### 699 (where ### refers to their program designator).

When a student's research would be facilitated at an off-campus location not covered under the preceding paragraph, he or she must obtain approval from the dissertation advisor, Graduate Program Director, and the Dean of the Graduate School. When a major portion of a student's research will take place off-campus but in the United States and/or U.S. territories they should register for ### 700 for the relevant semesters. When a major portion of their research will take place outside of the United States and/or U.S. territories they should register for ### 701. Other information and requirements regarding these courses may be obtained from the Graduate School.