Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2020

Dissertation Defense

Examination of the dissertation involves a formal oral defense. This event will be conducted by the dissertation examining committee and will not be chaired by the advisor of the dissertation.

  • The formal defense must be announced at least three weeks in advance and is open to all interested members of the University community.
  • All candidates must provide the Graduate School with a dissertation abstract or recital program, as well as other relevant details, at least three weeks in advance of the proposed event. The Doctoral Defense Announcement form is available on the Graduate School Web site.
  • The Graduate School will be responsible for advertising the defense to the University community.
  • All dissertation defenses shall take place on campus and require the full attendance of the dissertation examining committee. Any exceptions from this practice will require approval from the dean of the Graduate School.
  • The examination that follows the public defense may be either open to the public or closed, at the discretion of the dissertation examining committee.
  • The signatures on the dissertation original signature page will indicate approval of the defense of the dissertation itself.
  • The student has three months following a successful defense to submit the final version of their dissertation to the Graduate School. The semester the student submits the dissertation will be the semester that the degree will be awarded.
  • A student may register for no more than one additional semester following the successful defense of the dissertation.

    Information on the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony and eligibility, can be found at: