Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2020


A dissertation is required for the Ph.D. degree. It must convey in a clear and convincing manner the results of an original and significant scholarly investigation.

  • Depending on the character of the student’s research, the graduate program director and the student will select an appropriate advisor or supervisory committee in consultation with whom the student will conduct an investigation and write a dissertation.
  • The dissertation must be prepared according to the Guidelines for the Preparation of Theses and Dissertations available on the Graduate School Web site.
  • All dissertations should be written in English. Exceptions will be considered if it is integral to the purpose of that dissertation that it be in a language other than English. Requests for exceptions should come directly in writing from the dissertation advisor, the program director, or the department chair to the dean of the Graduate School. Please note: The dissertation abstract and the dissertation defense must be in English.
  • Multiple authorship of a dissertation is not permissible.
Please also see Residency Requirements for information on Residency for Dissertation Work.