Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2020

Introduction to the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree

The degree of Doctor of Musical Arts is the only nonclinical doctoral degree offered at Stony Brook other than the Ph.D. The fundamental requirements for the D.M.A. are essentially those for the Ph.D. with the exception that the scope of the original work and the scale of the research are somewhat reduced.

The requirements for expertise within the subject area and for clear exposition are equal to those for the Ph.D. In the case of the D.M.A., clarity of exposition is demonstrated through the medium of recital.

Admission to the Graduate School does not automatically qualify a student as a candidate for the D.M.A. degree. Formal recommendation of advancement to candidacy for the D.M.A. degree must be made to the Graduate School by the Music program after a review of the student’s performance in courses, independent study, and program examinations.

The requirements listed below are the minimal ones mandated by the Graduate School. The Music program may set additional requirements.