Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Master of Science in Science Communication 

Dean, School of Communication and Journalism
Laura Lindenfeld, Melville Library, 4th floor

Graduate Program Director
Elizabeth Bojsza, Melville Library, Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, 4th floor

For questions related to applications, email

For course registration questions for admitted students, email or call 631-632-7403


This unique program prepares trained scientists, technology specialists, engineers, and
mathematicians for dynamic careers as professional science communicators. Because
science reaches across a wide range of institutions and working environments, the need for
individuals who have expertise both in STEM and communication has emerged as an
important new workforce trend. From engaging in media industries to public affairs and
public relations to project management, science communication professionals must be able
to provide strategically designed, engaging, scientifically accurate written, oral, visual, and
digital engagement across a wide range of platforms.