Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Facilities of the MBA Program


Faculty members in the College of Business are strongly committed to teaching and fostering working relationships with students inside and outside the classroom, while maintaining their involvement in research.

In their research, Business professors examine complex issues and problems confronting today’s managers and decision makers. They analyze businesses and other institutions as well as the economic, regulatory, and technological forces underlying decision-making processes and ongoing changes within these organizations. They keep close contact not only with other researchers in the United States and abroad, but also with regional, national, and international businesses by conducting applied research projects and working as consultants.

Students at the College of Business benefit from this high-caliber research in several ways. Faculty members often revise and develop new course materials to incorporate current research into their teaching and instruction. Exposing students to the latest knowledge and management skills best prepares them for future challenges and, at the same time, makes the classroom experience dynamic and stimulating. Business students work closely with professors and all students are invited to participate in seminars conducted by the school’s researchers.

The College houses Centers for Human Resource Management, Health Services Research Management, Information Systems Management, Center for Operational Excellence, and the Innovation Center. Quality research conducted by the centers contributes significantly to the College’s academic programs. In addition, the centers’ applied and interdisciplinary research promotes valuable interactions with industry, government, and nonprofit organizations and provides hands-on experience to students.

Behavioral Research Lab

The College of Business Behavioral Research Lab provides a space for faculty to conduct experiments and test theories that will help consumers, managers, and organizations make better decisions. The lab is equipped with computers and recording equipment to support the growing number of researchers who serve as principle investigators in areas such as behavioral finance, consumer behavior, and organizational behavior. The space may be reserved by faculty in the College of Business and students conducting research studies under the supervision of a faculty member in the College of Business.