Graduate Bulletin

Fall 2022

College of Business

Manuel London, Harriman Hall

Associate Dean
Dmytro Holod, Harriman Hall

MBA Program Directors
Lily Cushenbery, Harriman Hall
Gary Sherman, Harriman Hall

MSF Program Director
Dmytro Holod, Harriman Hall

MSA Program Director
Christie Comunale, Harriman Hall

Assistant Dean for Curriculum, Accreditation, & Student Services
Amy Milligan, Harriman Hall

Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
Joyce Wellinger, Harriman Hall

MBA/MS Admissions Recruitment Advisor
Joyce Gibson, (631) 632-7171

Office of Student Services (Admissions & Advising)
Harriman Hall Room 109 (631) 632-7171


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Advanced Graduate Certificates Awarded

Degrees Awarded
M.B.A., M.B.A. in Accounting, M.B.A. in Finance, M.B.A. in Marketing, M.B.A. in Health Care Management, M.S. in Accounting, M.S. in Finance, M.S. in Technology Management (in Korea)