Graduate Bulletin

Fall 2022

Faculty of Linguistics Department

Distinguished Professors

Aronoff, Mark, PhD: 1974, MIT: morphology; orthography.


Bailyn, John F, PhD, 1995, Cornell University: syntax; Russian syntax; Slavic linguistics

Broselow, Ellen, PhD, 1976, University of Massachusetts-Amherst: phonology; phonetics; second language acquisition.

Finer, Daniel L, PhD, 1984, University of Massachusetts-Amherst: syntax, semantics, language acquisition
Heinz, Jeffrey, PhD, 2007, UCLA: phonology, grammatical inference, formal language theory, learnability, linguistic typology

Hoberman, Robert, PhD, 1983, University of Chicago: Semitic linguistics, phonology, morphology

Larson, Richard K, PhD, 1983, University of Wisconsin: semantics; syntax

Rambow, Owen PhD, 1994, University of Pennsylvania: computational linguistics, natural language processing (starting Jan. 2021)

Repetti, Lori, PhD, 1989, UCLA: phonology, Romance linguistics, Italian dialectology

Associate Professors

Graf, Thomas, PhD, 2013, UCLA: mathematical linguistics, syntax, phonology, psycholinguistics
Huffman, Marie K, PhD,1989, UCLA: phonetics; phonology, second language phonetics

Ordóñez, Francisco, PhD, 1997, City University of New York: syntax of Spanish, its varieties, and other Romance languages

Yun, Jiwon, PhD, 2013, Cornell University: semantics, prosody, computational linguistics, cognitive science

Assistant Professors

Kodner, Jordan, PhD, 2020, University of Pennsylvania: computational linguistics, child language acquisition, historical linguistics

Visiting Assistant Professors

Luchkina, Tatiana, PhD, 2016, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign: phonology, language acquisition, multilingualism

Post-doctoral researchers

Taherkhani, Neda, PhD, 2019, Purdue University: morphology, endangered language documentation, Iranian languages

Other Linguistics Faculty

Antonenko, Andrei, PhD, 2012, Stony Brook University: syntax

Janzen, Joy, PhD, 1999, Northern Arizona University: TESOL, literacy, teacher education

Kaufman, Dorit, PhD, 1991, Stony Brook University: Language acquisition and attrition; language education.

Shideler, Annette: English as a Second Language Teaching K-12.

Affiliated Faculty

Susan Brennan, Professor of Psychology, PhD, Stanford University
Jiwon Hwang, Lecturer, Asian & Asian American Studies, Ph.D. Stony Brook
Gary Mar, Associate Professor of Philosophy, PhD, UCLA
Arthur Samuel, Professor of Psychology, PhD, UC San Diego

Number of teaching, graduate, and research assistants, 2020-21: 21

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