Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2018

Faculty of Linguistics Department


Aronoff, Mark, Ph.D., 1974, MIT: Morphology; orthography.

Bailyn, John F., Ph.D., 1995, Cornell University: Syntax; Russian syntax; Slavic linguistics.

Bethin, Christina Y., Ph.D., 1978, University of Illinois: Slavic linguistics; phonology.

Broselow, Ellen, Ph.D., 1976, University of Massachusetts-Amherst: Phonology; phonetics; second language acquisition.

Finer, Daniel L., Ph.D., 1984, University of Massachusetts-Amherst: Syntax; semantics; language acquisition.

Heinz, Jeffrey, PhD 2007, UCLA, Phonology, Grammatical inference, Formal language theory and learnability, Linguistic typology, Control synthesis and hybrid systems.

Hoberman, Robert, Ph.D., 1983, University of Chicago: Semitic linguistics, phonology, morphology.

Kaufman, Dorit, Ph.D., 1991, Stony Brook University: Language acquisition and attrition; language education.

Larson, Richard K., Ph.D., 1983, University of Wisconsin: Semantics; syntax.

Liu, Jun, Ph.D. 1996, Ohio State University, Second language acquisition, language education, intercultural communication.

Repetti, Lori, Ph.D., 1989, UCLA: Italian linguistics; Romance linguistics; phonology; Italian dialectology.

Associate Professors

Elías-Ulloa, José Alberto, Ph.D., 2006, Rutgers University: Prosody (syllable weight, metrical stress, intonation) and its interaction with segmental phenomena.

Huffman, Marie K., Ph.D., 1989, UCLA: Phonetics; phonology, second language phonetics.

Ordóñez, Francisco, Ph.D. 1997, City University of New York: Syntax of Spanish, its varieties, and other Romance languages (Catalan, French, Italian and Occitan dialects).

Assistant Professors

Becker, Michael, Ph.D. 2009, University of Massachusetts-Amherst: Phonology, morphology, learning, modeling, acquisition.

Drury, John E., Ph.D. 2005, University of Maryland: Language processing and acquisition, neurolinguistics, experimental linguistics, syntax, cognitive science.

Graf, Thomas, Ph.D. 2013, UCLA: Mathematical linguistics, syntax, phonology, psycholinguistics.

Yun, Jiwon, Ph.D. 2013, Cornell University: Semantics, prosody, computational linguistics, cognitive science.

Visiting Assistant Professors and Lecturers

Hoffman, Joseph, Ph.D. 2014, Hofstra University: Speech and Language Pathology.

Janzen, Joy, Ph.D., Northern Arizona University: TESOL, Literacy, Teacher Education.

Shideler, Annette: English as a Second Language Teaching K-12.

Number of teaching, graduate, and research assistants, Fall 2016: 21/23

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