Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Masters in Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care & Bioethics (HCB)

Our Program devotes equal attention to the mutually enhancing themes of bioethics, medical humanities, and the dynamic of compassionate care in a time when both patients and healthcare professionals find the healthcare system dehumanizing. Recognizing the need for an interdisciplinary approach to education, our faculty includes experts in Medicine, Ethics, History, Law, Literature, Philosophy, Religious Studies, the Social Sciences and Disability Studies. Our clinical faculty integrate perspectives from the humanities with their experience as health-care providers.

Those who should consider applying for the program include

1.) current MDs, RNs, JDs, PhDs, and other professionals seeking further expertise and career development;

2.) medical students and others pursuing professional degrees in fields such as health care, health sciences, humanities, pastoral care, law, business, social work, and journalism; and

3.) post-baccalaureate students in transition from the BA or BS to a professional degree who wish to expand their knowledge.