Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Faculty of Physiology and Biophysics Department

Departmental Faculty

Brink, Peter R., Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., 1976, University of Illinois: Physiology and biophysics of functional and excitable membranes.

Cohen, Ira S., Leading Professor, M.D., Ph.D., 1974, New York University: Electrophysiology of the heart; synaptic physiology.

Lin, Richard, Professor, M.D., 1988, University of California: Mechanism of hormone action; Inter- and intracellular regulation of membrane-bound hormone-sensitive enzymes. , PI3 kinase signaling.

Mathias, Richard T.Professor, Ph.D., 1975, University of California, Los Angeles: Electrophysiology of cardiac muscle; volume regulation in the lens.

Miller, W. Todd, Professor, Interim Chairperson Ph.D., 1988, Rockefeller University: Protein structure and function; molecular mechanisms of signal transduction.

Scarlata, Suzanne, Professor, Ph.D., 1984, University of Illinois: Biophysics of signaling proteins.

Solomon, Irene C., Professor,, Ph.D., 1994, University of California, Davis: Neural control of respiratory motor output and fast oscillatory rhythms.

White, Thomas W.,Professor,  Ph.D., 1984, Harvard University: Biology of cell-to-cell communication and gap junction.

Bowen, Mark, Associate Professor, Ph.D., 1998 , , University of Illinois, Chicago; Molecular aspects of signal transduction.

Spector, Ilan, Associate Professor, Ph.D., 1967, University of Paris, France: Electrophysiology of nerve and muscle cell lines; ion channels; neurotoxins.

Acosta, Maricedes, Assistant Professor, Ph.D, 2002, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Neuroendocrine regulation of the reproductive axis; signal transduction pathways and metabolic control.

Jointly Appointed Faculty

Dilger, James P.5, Professor, Ph.D., 1980, Stony Brook University: Neuromuscular junction; ion channels in nerve membranes.

Konopka, James B.17, Professor, Ph.D., 1985, UCLA: G protein-coupled receptor signal transduction and yeast morphogenesis.

Mendell, Lorne1, Distinguished Professor,  Ph.D., 1965, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Physiology and modify ability of synapses in the spinal cord.

McKinnon, David1, Professor, Ph.D., 1987, Australian National University: Control of ion channel expression.

Qin, Yi-Xian18, Professor, Ph.D., 1997, Stony Brook University: Mechanisms in the control of tissue growth, bone adaptation by mechanical environment.

Reid-Martin, Inefta, Assistant Professor, PhD, 2014, Stony Brook University:  characterizing the effects of postnatal maturation on basal respiratory activity and hypoxic ventilatory responses in neonatal rats in vivo

Smith, Steven O.14, Professor, Ph.D., 1985, University of California, Berkeley: Molecular mechanisms of signal transduction.

Collins, William1, Associate Professor, Ph.D., 1980, Univ. of Pennsylvania: Relationship between intrinsic properties of individual neurons and nervous system function.

Frame, Mary18, Associate Professor, Ph.D., 1990, University of Missouri: Microcirculation; tissue engineering; nanofabrication.

Cameron, Roger H., Assistant Professor. Ph.D., 1990, Stony Brook University: Electron microscopy; pharmacology of plasma cells secretion.

El-Maghrabi, Raafat, Associate Professor. Ph.D Graduate Program Director, Ph.D., 1978, Wake Forest University: Enzyme regulation; hormonal control of metabolism.

Luberto, Chiara, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., 1997, Catholic University of Rome: Cancer biology; Sphingolipid metabolism and signaling.

Rosati, Barbara, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., 2000, Milan, Italy: Transcriptional regulation of ion channel genes in the heart.

Valiunas, Virginijus, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., 1992, Kaunas Medical University, Lithuania: Gap junction; intercellular communication and cardiac electrophysiology.

Varadaraj, Kulandaiappan, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., 1991, Madri Kamaraj University: Lens membrane proteins and gap junctions.

Warren, Kelly, Assistant Professor. Ph.D., 2008, Stony Brook University

Yang, Vincent2, Professor MD,Ph.D,  Rutgers University, Princeton University: Department of Medicine:cloning and characterization of Krüppel-like factors (KLFs)

Khan, Sardar Ali, Professor, M.D., 1964, Bangalore Medical College: Erectile Dysfunction, Pelvic surgery and general urology.

Affiliated Faculty

Colognato, Holly, Ph.D., 1999, Rutgers Univ., Department of Pharmalogical Scinces;Extracellular matrix in brain: roles during development and during neurodegeneration.

Frohman, Michael, MD, Ph.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, Department of Pharmalogical Sciences; Lipid Signalling

Grollman, Arthur P., Distinguished Professor, M.D., 1959, Johns Hopkins University: Department of Pharmacological Science. Chemical carcinogenesis and mutagenesis.

Kritzer, Mary, Ph.D, Yale Univ., Dept. of Neurobiology; Complex functions of the association cortices and the neurobiological basis for their dysfunction in disease.

London, Erwin, Professor, Ph.D., 1979, Cornell University: Department of Biochemistry. Membrane lipid-protein interactions; protein toxin structure and function.

Malbon, C., Leading Professor, Ph.D., 1976, Case Western Reserve University: Department of Pharmacology. Elucidating the genetic basis of developmental and metabolic diseases.

Matthews, Gary, Leading Professor, Ph.D., 1975, University of Pennsylvania: Department of Neurobiology and Behavior. Cellular biophysics of electrical signals in the retina.

Rashba, Eric, Professor, MD, 1992, Yale School of Medicine: Department of Medicine: new mechanisms of QT prolongation and prediction and prevention of sudden cardiac death

Rubin, Clinton, T., Professor, Ph.D., 1983, Bristol University: Department of Orthopaedics. Cellular mechanisms responsible for adaptation in bone.

Sampson, Nicole S., Professor, Ph.D., 1990, University of California Berkeley: Enzyme mechanisms and protein structure-function relationships.

Tonge, Peter J., Professor, Ph.D., 1986, University of Birmingham, England: Department of Chemistry. Enzyme mechanisms in antitubercular drugs and Alzheimer’s disease.

Wong, Stanislaus, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., 1999, Harvard University: Department of Chemistry. Fundamental structure correlations in unique nanostructures.


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