Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Admission to the M.F.A. Program in Theatre

This M.F.A. program is intensive, and admission to it is highly selective.  Upon review, finalists are invited for an on-campus interview.  Interview requirements vary depending on track. . For admission, the following, in addition to the minimum Graduate School requirements, are normally required:

A. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

B. Undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0.

C. A minimum of three years of professional experience / training (preferred).

D. Three letters of recommendation.

E. A current resume

F. A written statement of artistic, educational and professional goals

G.  The following are required for a chosen Track.  Choose one:

Playwriting: 1) a completed play of any length that best represents your work; 2) a brief description of a play you are currently writing or wish to write while in our program

Directing: 1) a brief description of your approach (concept) to a chosen play, either one you have directed or one you wish to direct.  You may provide select supporting materials, such as research (written or visual), and any other inspiration for your approach; 2) a list of plays and/or ideas for original devised pieces that you would like to direct / create while in our program

Dramaturgy: 1) three writing samples, including, critiques, production program notes, and/or literary criticism of a chosen play; 2) a play, screenplay or alternative performance piece if you have written one; 3) a brief statement describing your view of the role of the Dramaturg in today’s theatre, and particularly in relation to creating new work

Film:  1) a film you have written, directed and/or produced if you have one; 2) a screenplay if you have written one; 3) a list of proficiencies in various production skills: camera, lighting, editing, directing, production and/or production design.

Crossover between tracks is possible, depending on each student’s interests and professional goals.  For the application, choose one track and indicate in your statement of goals (F) your interest, if any, in crossover

F. Acceptance by both the MFA in Theatre program and the Graduate School.

I. If a student accepted into the M.F.A. program wishes to offer, either for credit toward the degree or for exemption from enrollment in courses required by Stony Brook, analogous courses taken at another university, transcripts and other supporting material must be presented for consideration by the graduate program director before the end of the student’s first semester in the program (see Transfer of Credit from Other Universities).