Graduate Bulletin

Fall 2019

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Communicating Science

Executive Director
Laura Lindenfeld, Melville Library, 4th floor (631)632-1893

Graduate Program Director
Laura Lindenfeld, Melville Library, 4th floor (631) 632-2130

Brooke Banfi, Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, S-249 (631) 632-2130


The Advanced Graduate Certificate in Communicating Science fosters clear, vivid communication in the areas of science, engineering, and health. Participants learn to integrate scientific knowledge, creativity, ethical practice, and verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The program teaches participants to communicate more effectively about science with the general public, policy makers, the media, students, potential employers or funders and prospective collaborators in their own and other disciplines, while providing background grounding in the field of science communication. Participants learn and develop dynamic ways to connect with, and respond to, diverse audiences. Students learn fundamental skills, including understanding and connecting with audiences, setting focused communication goals, and speaking clearly and conversationally about their work and why it matters. Students develop a fundamental understanding of research on science communication and apply this to practice identifying main points, speaking without jargon, explaining meaning and context, responding to questions, using storytelling techniques, and using multimedia elements. Participants learn to examine critically the presentation of scientific information to society, including analyzing challenges and opportunities for science outreach and communication.